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Heart rate monitor, the device has 2 leds red and green, but in the production version, only the green is fired. Once it has locked on to your pulse, after you have warmed your body up enough for it to see, the heart rate monitor is very impressive. It reads exactly as I would expect (compared to another hrm with a chest strap). As with other optical heart rate monitors, if you have not yet warmed up enough, or its too cold and your body is keeping the blood away from the surface, or its not tight enough on the wrist, it will display your steps per minute (when. So if you turn it on, head out the door and look at the pulse, youll notice it is way too high, instead counting the movement of the weight of the watch on your wrist while pumping the arms (equates directly to steps per minute). If the hr in the first few minutes is important to you, youll need to either warm up first, or what I do is run for 1km and then stand still for 20 seconds (pausing the watch at which point the hr rapidly falls and. If its a race, you should have warmed up first, so it will latch on to the correct hr quite quickly. For me, the advantages of the wrist-based hrm easily outweighs this niggle and Ill never go back to chest strap type now. .

You can set a daily activity goal. Once you reach the goal each day, a little medal appears and it buzzes. Choose from steps, motiveren calories, distance and time (or turn it off). As well as these daily features, it will monitor your activity while sleeping and count the number of hours you sleep. It will also monitor your heart rate throughout the day and night so you can track.

Whilst steps goal stuff isnt really relevant for the more experienced runner / athlete, beginners and those with goals of just keeping moving enough during the day to kickstart some weight loss might find it very useful. For the more experienced athlete, the heart rate over-night is proform a great feature. Looking on the website after a sync in the morning will give you a great indication of how well you are recovered. After a tough race like a marathon, or if not 100 well (cold virus etc. a higher resting heart rate will be a great indicator to take it easy.

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Comfort and size, heres a picture of it on my wrist. My wrists are pretty small, but it still has a notch to go for people with even smaller wrists. Edit: there are small straps available now. Finding the right tightness is important for the hrm feature. . Snug is best but note that during afvallen activity, especially on cold days, your wrist will expand as you warm up, racefiets so an optimal setting at the start might be different after 10 minutes. I managed to find a setting that works every time. It is very comfortable and you wont notice it after while. Ive been wearing it all night and day for 7 months, so it had to be good in this area.

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It lasted 5 days with an average of 50 minutes gps exercise each day (4hrs total bluetooth sync left on, heart Rate activity cellulitis tracker on (checks every 10 minutes) and Sleep tracker on (measures movement during the night). I havent done any 5 hour activities this year, so i cant say how long it will last in a single session, but reports elsewhere suggest that if you turn everything except gps off then youll get a 10 hour activity out of it which. Note that there is no option to extend gps battery life via less frequent pings, but anyone that needs a 24 hour watch is going to need something physically bigger than this. The charging cable connects to a waterproof charge socket on the watch. The connector is a bit fiddly to apply and needs a solid push to get it to latch on and another tug to remove. Its also at weird angle, so the first few times, i was worried I was going to break it, but somehow this has proved surprisingly robust. Edit: If you plug a portable battery into it before starting an activity, you can charge and record at the same time, so you could get a few days of constant recording like this! However, you cannot start charging it during an activity plugging the cable in will end the activity.

Theres no public development timeline, so theres no way to know if any further features will be added and the runner 3 is on the way, so Im guessing that any changes from now will be minor / bug fix. The runner 3 brings route tracking and find way back to start as the main additions over the runner 2, so if you think youd benefit from those, then look at that one. . On the hardware support side, my strap broke after 6 months (still useable) and the tomTom online support arranged to send me a replacement immediately, so that side of things is running smoothly. Questions on the support forum get replied to by other users quickly. How long does it last on a single charge? It is charged via a custom connector on the end of a normal usb cable. Its very quick to charge fully. After charging and discharging the battery a few times to i tested the run-time.

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Ive been wearing it almost 24/7 for 7 months now, so its time for a review of the tomTom Runner 2 Cardio watch with optical heart rate monitor tilburg (HRM) and gps. The tomTom Runner 2 Cardio is aimed at multi-sport athletes, from beginners to the proficient, who want to see how far they have been and how hard they worked, with a simple interface and basic nudges during training. Its also waterproof and counts lengths in the pool, so is suitable for swimmers / triathletes. You could also use it as a slightly more exciting activity monitor if you just want to keep an eye on how many steps or calories youve done via daily / weekly goals. Support from TomTom, the nature of sport watches is that many of them evolve over time via firmware updates and changes to the accompanying mobile apps and web apps. At the time i first got the watch, there were some areas that needed addressing, most notably, a random crash that would lock the watch until plugged into. Im pleased to report that TomTom have been making changes along the way, including a perfect fix for that bug, as well as new features and improvements to the performance of original features.

Runner 2 tomtom cardio
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